Bookkeeping - Jump Start CAD

All bookkeeping for the business
Reconcile credit card and bank statements, up to 2 accounts, up to 50 transactions per month.
Reconcile accounts receivable and payable up to 50 transactions per month.
AR/AP management up to 50 transactions.
Annually reports and tax estimates.
Annually completion of Corporate financial statements and T2 tax filing
Representing you with Revenue Canada (Audit is not Included 1250.00 per hour)

To assist you in filing a quarterly GST/HST return, which includes:

GST/HST Return Preparation (Quarterly filer)
Assistance summarizing GST/HST collected and available Input Tax Credits
A customized tax calendar summarizing key dates throughout the year
Automated email "due date" reminders
Electronic filing and CRA confirmation.

306.34 306.34000000000003 CAD per month


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