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Taxation services - T1 Personal Income Tax Return
To assist in preparation of Federal and Provincial Personal Income Tax Returns. This includes:
- Assistance summarizing eligible expenses and determining available tax credits
- T1 Personal Income Tax Return preparation – from documents provided by the tax payer and retrieved from the CRA website
- 1 hr Phone/video conference to review the draft tax return prior to filing, and discuss any related issues
- Electronic filing and CRA confirmation

You confirm that all information necessary to compile your personal income tax return will be complete and accurate. We will not audit, review or otherwise attempt to verify the accuracy or completeness of any information provided.

This package is based on a basic employment income tax return, if you require additional support for more complex issues, an additional quote can be provided to you.

Taxation services - Audit protection (Add-on for T1 Personal Tax Return)
To assist you in case of CRA audit, we will respond at no extra charge. This includes:
- CRA Correspondence Response
- CRA Audit Representation

Audit protection applies only to T1 Personal Income Tax Returns filed by us, and only during tax years for which Audit Protection is chosen.

NOTE: Additional charges is applicable if wrong package is chosen at the time of purchase, choose one that fits your needs.

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